The Harmonic Concordance

Gateway to Self-remembrance

by Dwayne Edward Rourke


However universal and seemingly timeless Spirit is understood essentially to be, the acts of this Spirit--and as a result the "revelations" dispensed to human beings--deal always with particular persons and particular situations. The outcome of these acts and revelations depends upon the answers which a particular individual, implicitly if not explicitly, gives to the fundamental question: Where do you stand, here and now?

Dane Rudhyar Culture, Crisis and Creativity

For those among us who actively embrace The Harmonic Concordance of November 8, 2003 as an auspicious occasion to experience a new way of being, the day will present an unprecedented opportunity. Riding a global wave of human aspiration towards wholeness, we will seize the moment and will constructively unite in solidarity with the biological Earth, below, and with mathematical Heaven, above.

Harmonic Concordance is, itself, a manifestation of cosmic harmony and numerous astrologers and other metaphysicians from around the world have explained its mathematically precise cosmic signature. In the essay that follows, I will first extend that astrological interpretation into the context of an emerging cosmological vision integrating both Western astrology and Mayan sacred calendrics. I will then expand the vision through the content of an explanation of what that context can reveal to us about the Harmonic Concordance. I will conclude with an invocation of the path ahead.

Within Mayan cosmology, the center of our Milky Way galaxy is revered as a cosmically conscious source of energy and intelligence orchestrating the evolution of all life on Earth. They call it Hunab Ku, the One Giver of Movement and Measure. The Maya believe we need to align ourselves consciously and prayerfully with this spiritual source and that we must make every effort to live in harmony with its deepest directives. Divining what those directives are, is primarily a matter of learning and applying, traditional arts and sciences associated with the cosmic realm. Inevitably, this engages us in some way with the Mayan sacred calendar, the Tzolkin.

20 Hieroglyphs of the Mayan Sacred Calendar (Tzolkin)

Surrounding Symbol for Galactic Center (Hunab Ku)

The Tzolkin is a map of consciousness conveyed through 20 meaning-laden hieroglyphs and 13 sacred numbers. It is considered by the Maya to be a universal spiritual tool capable of transmitting to humanity, the cosmic messages emanating from galactic center. To this day, traditional Maya use the Tzolkin for the timing of spiritual activities and for the reckoning of personal destiny, much like one uses the Tarot, the Runes, or the I Ching.

The 260 combinations of number and hieroglyph contained in the Tzolkin grid, reveal a cosmic web of spiritual essences palpable to human emotion. Through the phenomenon of sympathetic resonance or re-sounding, an immediate similarity and correlation linking the perceived events of a person's life and the symbolic events of the Tzolkin, is understood. This process awakens him or her to an expanded context of understanding. Mythologist Mircea Eliade eloquently described this phenomenon when he wrote :

The man who understands a symbol not only 'opens himself' to the objective world, but at the same time succeeds in emerging from his personal situation and reaching a comprehension of the universal....Thanks to the symbol, the individual experience is 'awoken', and transmuted into a spiritual act.

If we wish to embrace the symbolism of the Mayan Sacred Calendar in a quest to " emerge from our personal situation and reach a comprehension of the universal, we must in some way, experience a sustained resonance to those symbols. This helps us to steadily cultivate an awareness of correspondences between them and our own direct experience. By doing so, we begin to reveal to ourselves, something already latent within us: What the Maya call the "Mind of Light. The Mind of Light (AHAU) is a consciousness totally aligned to, and resonant with, the Sun.

Thirty years ago, I began paying simple, yet focused and sustained attention, to the Sun/Moon cycle creating the endlessly changing polarity dance we witness as the phases of the Moon. Thirteen years later, that simple practice expanded naturally to link both lunar cycle and Mayan Sacred Calendar. As recently as the spring of 2003, another astronomical component was added, thus bringing both lunar cycle and Tzolkin into alignment with the orbit of planet Uranus. Now, within this unified context, the Harmonic Concordance event arrives. By applying the Sacred Calendar symbolism associated with the current cosmic moment, perhaps we can divine some of its deeper meaning.


For many years, the lunar cycle and the Tzolkin were the most obvious components of the attunement journey of which I speak. For this reason, I referred to it as the Luna-Tzolkin Path. When I realized that the path was encompassed by the orbit of planet Uranus, I began calling it the Lightning Path.

Uranus has long been referred to in astrology as "the Great Awakener. " It triggers sudden and unexpected experiences of insight that illuminate some previously unseen structure of consciousness. The purpose of entering onto the Lightning Path and of coming into personal relationship with the Great Awakener, therefore, is to consciously embark on a journey of ascension that is ultimately meant to awaken us to our higher, multi-dimensional selves. By steeping ourselves, Moon phase by Moon phase, in the symbolic knowledge coded into the symbols of the Tzolkin grid, we are gradually led into attunement to the higher dimensional consciousness being resonantly downloaded to Earth from galactic center.

One reason this downloading process is possible is because the sacred calendar grid is mathematically "fractal" by nature. In other words, the calendar's combination of 13 numbers and 20 hieroglyphs remains structurally intact, no matter what scale it is applied at. This is why, in his book The Mayan Factor, Jose' Arguelles refers to the sacred Tzolkin calendar as representative of only one dimension of a multi-dimensional "Harmonic Module". In revealing the mathematical ratio between the 13 numbers and 20 hieroglyphs of the sacred calendar as a common timing frequency pervading many dimensions, he concludes that the calendar is but a key left behind by the Maya, to help us unlock a stupendous, multi-dimensional mystery. The Harmonic Concordance is part of that mystery and by relating its timing to the symbolism of The Lightning Path, it is possible to unravel some of its meaning. In order to do so, however, we must establish the context of our divining process and for t his reason, I will digress for the moment, into an explanation of the underlying structure of The Lightning Path, itself.

In The Mayan Factor, Arguelles uses the structure of the sacred calendar as a fractal map of the thirteen major cycles of history referred to by the Maya as the baktun cycle. By applying the 13:20 ratio as a fractal measure of history, he reveals a powerful overview linking historical events to the inner structure of the sacred calendar. This process is fundamentally the same as the process adopted by an individual when he or she makes a one-to-one correspondence between personal experiences and the flow of symbology that is the Lightning Path. And just as Arguelles, by applying the 13:20 ratio to history is able to reveal an orderly flow to the seemingly haphazard advance of humanity, so we too, by applying the 13:20 ratio to our own lives, can expect to reveal both meaning and harmony. This gives us a personal doorway into 13:20 time.

In his more recent book, Time and the Technosphere, Arguelles affirms that humanity's time-sense is currently dominated by an arbitrary mechanical and ultimately destructive, 12:60 timing frequency. That timing frequency is most obvious as the 12 month Gregorian calendar, and its close counterpart, the 60 minute hour. He predicts that by superseding this artificial timing mechanism with one aligned with the more natural and harmonious 13:20 ratio, people throughout the world will revolutionize humanity's relationship to time.

Astrologically speaking, we live under the rule of Saturn when we live exclusively according to 12:60 time. This is mechanical time, an artificial construct whose limitations have become as apparent as the rusting hulk of a nuclear submarine being towed to shore in a tossing sea. Everywhere around the planet, the culture of dominance woven together by its calendrical threads is fraying and coming undone. Whether it is the rapid depletion of air, water or land, or the mass genocide of aboriginal cultures through industrial and military expansion and pollution, the escalating signs of a decaying civilization are rampant. The need for a revolution in humanity's relationship to the Earth and to each other is undeniable. Our collective time-sense is at the core of this evolutionary challenge.

By choosing to set foot upon The Lightning Path, we consciously break the spell of Saturn's rule and approach the more inclusive domain of Uranus, the planet next-furthest-out from the Sun. Uranus is the planet long-associated with all forms of revolution and social transformation. Uranus is the paradigm-busting impulse within each and every one of us. It is our natural urge for freedom and independence. Its 84 year orbital cycle is considered to be the most appropriate astronomical correlate to the complete human life.

Astrological Glyph representing planet Uranus

The Lightning Path is, itself, a thoroughly Uranian phenomenon. Not only does it invoke the Uranian spirit of transformation and renewal through its inherent use of the 13:20 timing ratio, it's existence is based in the actual astronomy of the planet itself, as revealed through the following calculation summary.

We begin at the scale of the basic unit, the lunation cycle, then take a "fractal jump" into the expanded scale of the orbital cycle of Uranus:

1 synodic cycle of the Moon (1 lunation cycle) = 29 days 12 hr. 44min = 29. 53 days
1 Luna-Tzolkin round (13x20 = 260 lunation cycles) = 260 x 29.53 = 7677.8 days
4 Luna-Tzolkin rounds = 7677.8 x 4 = 30,711.2 days = 84.08 yr.
1 Orbital Period (Year) of Uranus = 84.01 Years* (30,685.4 Days)
* The approximation of 365.256 days per year is used.

The Luna-Tzolkin Uranian Calendar Grid

Simply put, the 21 years it takes to pass through one Luna-Tzolkin round represents one Uranian "season" --- one quarter of the time it takes for Uranus to orbit the Sun. Or, in other words, four Luna-Tzolkin rounds = one Uranian year.

In the broadest view, The Lightning Path bridges two distinct domains of consciousness. These domains are symbolized, on the one hand, by all the planets from the Sun out to Saturn, and on the other, by planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In Time and The Technosphere, Arguelles refers to these two domains as the "technosphere" and the "noosphere", thus evoking the work of visionary Jesuit priest, Teilhard de Chardin, who coined the phrase "noosphere" many years ago.

Activation for Ascension via the Lightning Path

Metaphorically, The Lightning Path utilizes the ""rainbow bridge" of the recently (1977) discovered planet, Chiron, situated between Saturn and Uranus, to assist people to traverse the abyss separating the technosphere from the noosphere. The Lightning Path facilitates this traverse through revelation of what I call, The Temple of the Feathered Serpent, wherein everyone has, by right of birth, an astrologically-determined, temple-of-birth, each of which is aligned to thirteen of the twenty hieroglyphs of the Mayan sacred calendar. Through self-activated spiritual practice engaging those hieroglyphs and numbers, that temple-of-birth can become a symbolic pathway into the more inclusive realm of noospheric consciousness.

In Mesoamerican spiritual science, number seven plays a particularly significant role. Nowhere is this more apparent than in a spectacular equinox phenomenon associated with the pyramid of Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan. Each year, at both the spring and the fall equinox, tens of thousands of people from around the world gather in the temple courtyard to witness a phenomenon skillfully contrived by ancient temple builders to reveal secrets of Mayan cosmology. Exactly at the time of the equinox, a distinct pattern of light and shadow forms on the western side of the northern stairway: a giant undulating serpent, made up of seven triangles of light, descends from the top platform of the pyramid to a huge sculpted serpent head at its base. In his book Secrets of Mayan Science and Religion, Mayan elder Hunbatz Men interprets this pyramid phenomenon as a very special gift of sacred knowledge from our ancestors:

When we fully comprehend the meaning of this seven in the geometric pyramid, we will enter into the mouth of the serpent as Mayan initiates. In so doing, we will fulfill the prophesies of the Itzaes when they return as luk'umen tun ben can, or "those absorbed by the serpent of the sacred knowledge." At that moment we will become buddhas, or as is said in Mayan, butz hah, "those filled with the truth of the essence, " the ones who manage the seven powers.

It is simply not practical for everyone called to Mayan spirituality, to journey to Mesoamerica for initiation into its mysteries. Fortunately, the ancients devised the Tzolkin calendar as a portable means of disseminating this sacred knowledge, the same knowledge coded into thousands of pyramids throughout Mesoamerica. Just as on an outer level, vital energy from the Sun rises up one side of the pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza and gloriously spills its seven triangles of light down the other side, so to, does a vital energy rise up the spine of those initiated into the seven powers of light, successively activating and regenerating an etheric light body commonly known by its Hindu name as the chakra system. This light body activation process culminates in a seventh or "crown chakra" experience of all-encompassing bliss which , like the equinox phenomenon at Chichen, floods the whole organism with life-giving essence. It is because of this inner/outer light body correspondence between person and pyramid, that the Maya say "You are the pyramid, the pyramid is you."


On my own Lightning Path journey of light body activation, an inner temple has been revealed. I call it The Temple of the Feathered Serpent. It is an entirely meta-physical entity that can be evoked through guided imagery. First of all, think of the numerical progression from 1 to 13 as a traveling, wave-like unit of energy as in the diagram below. When combined with hieroglyphs from the sacred Tzolkin calendar, that wave constellates a code of transformation, decipherable through a divinatory reading of its thirteen number and glyph combinations.

Core numerical structure of the light body temple

Twenty such wave-like units combine as a single entity to make up the over-arching serpent-wave of energy that is The Temple of the Feathered Serpent. As shown earlier in the "fractal jump" calculation summary, one of these over-arching serpent waves corresponds to one Uranian "season," Four serpent-waves combine to form one Uranian year of 84 Earth years.

Schematic representation of the 20 temples of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent



Common to all temples of The Temple of the Feathered Serpent, is the numerical progression from 1 through 13, with 7 at the mid-point. By looking closely at these three numbers only, we are able to get a generic overview of the inner dynamics of all 20 temples. And, being mindful of the present cosmic moment, we are able to determine the sacred calendar symbolism directly related to the "birth" of the Harmonic Concordance event, by locating the portion of The Lightning Path within which it takes place. I will do that shortly, but first I wish to introduce three key numbers related to the sacred calendar.

Number one refers to the first chacla, what the Maya call K'UL. This center refers to the core, unifying vibration at the base of the inner temple. It represents our most primal and personal connection to the Earth and is the source of the evolutionary force commonly known by its Hindu name, kundalini, but known to the Classic Maya as itz (EETZ) and to modern-day Mayan calendar shamans, as coyopa (koy-oh-PAH), "the lightning in the blood". The Maya designate this chacla with four marks:

Mayan symbol for first chakra

Number seven is widely understood as the most mysterious and mystical of all numbers. Traditionally, seven is the number denoting synthesis and coordination, hidden direction and power. Seven orients us to the realm of our deepest destiny. It is the number denoting all all shamans, and in the case of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, number 7 reveals a natural hierarchy of psycho/spiritual qualities, capable of guiding such "technicians of the sacred", to full activation of the all-inclusive 7th, or Crown chakra, seat of the Divine intelligence and bliss that naturally arises through revelation of one's sovereign place in the universal flow.

Number thirteen in Mayan cosmology is the number of universal movement. It represents the aspect of cyclic process where completion of one stage or cycle, naturally leads on to the start of another stage, or cycle, altogether. Thirteen is the wild card, the touch of destiny and relates to inter-dimensional shifts and unseen forces.


During the 13 Moon cycles between December 2, 2002 to December 22, 2003, Earth passes through that portion of the Lightning Path journey I have called The Temple of Eagles. It is called this because the hieroglyph of the 7th Moon is the one called MEN (Eagle) by the Maya. Because it aligns with the commanding position of the 7th Moon within this particular lunar year, MEN gives us a significant clue as to the nature of the directives being downloaded to Earth from galactic center at this time. Those directives indicate that the time is very, very right for those of us called to the task, to manifest more and more completely, the planet mind that MEN signifies.

We can look to both the first and the thirteenth Moon of this lunar year to help us see more clearly what this actually requires of us. When we examine the first Moon of the series, we see that it correlates to hieroglyph MULUC, symbol of all gateways. And, because it is the first of 13 glyphs in this lunar year, we can ALL look to it as a common point of reference. That point of reference I interpret to mean: I remember myself.

The thirteenth Moon of this lunar year aligns with the glyph IMIX. Thirteen is said to refer to the harmonic of light itself. It denotes "universal movement". IMIX refers to the womb of creation. I take 13 IMIX therefore, to refer to the universal matrix within which our planet is embedded and from which the Earth ultimately derives its sustenance.

Hieroglyph AHAU (Sun)

As I write these words (Oct 29, 2003), a massive solar eruption, the largest in several years, has just infused our planet with a massive download of cosmic energy. Concurrently, Earth is passing through the 12th Moon of the current lunar year and this places it in alignment with that portion of the Lightning Path designated as 12 AHAU (Sun). Number twelve refers to the complex stability that ensues when we consciously embrace the unity that sustains all polarities. In doing so, all divisions dissolve and we expand our worldview into a framework of connectedness that reveals a Greater Reality of Spirit. Combined with AHAU, hieroglyph of wholeness and ascension, twelve amplifies its counsel that we must practice the art of acceptance and allowance, in order to embody unconditional love, thus bringing a heavenly ideal into Earthly manifestation.


By "mapping" The Lightning Path forward, into the 21st century, and backward, into the 19th century, I have compiled a comprehensive list of dates correlated to the Mayan sacred calendar structure. I call this list The Book of Electrum. From its list of dates, you will be able to ascertain your own temple-of-birth within The Temple of the Feathered Serpent and thereby gain access to a wealth of mythological symbolism, all of which is meant to serve you in your quest for expanded consciousness. Your astrologically-determined temple-of-birth, is an entry-point upon The Lightning Path. It is presented to you as a birthright, a gift of spiritual symbolism, drawn from an ancient tradition, where conscious attunement to cosmic order is highly valued.

Having a birthright is one thing. Making it real and actual in the world, is another. One of the most effective ways of doing so is to create your own rituals of attunement to its vital spiritual essence. Such rituals can take many forms but all will have a common purpose such as that shared by Halevi, in his book School of Kabbalah. He writes :

The essence of ritual is that something done in the physical realm is related to the higher worlds. This may be a simple gesture of the hand or an elaborate ceremony. It can be working consciously in everyday life, so that quite mundane actions become full of meaning, or a carefully designed ritual acted out for a specific occasion ... Ritual is the mode of formalizing action and giving it not only meaning, but creating a contact with other worlds.

Activation of your unique birthright within The Temple of the Feathered Serpent can be seen as an important contribution to the timeless work of spiritual regeneration. It is a work spoken of eloquently by Malidoma Some' in his book Ritual:

Such living is what ancient tribes have adopted for thousands of years. And its success can be seen in the fact that in it there is room for the entire person to exist. This means that the world of progress with its all-consuming tendencies is an essentialist that feeds on anything that lives, turning the human into an indentured servant fed with things material, yet starved for everything else. In this context, ritual is this return to the ancient with a plea for help directed to the worlds of the spirit.

Malidoma goes on to emphasize that each of us has a very specific role in this process:

Our role in ritual is to be human. We take the initiative to spark a process, knowing that its success is not in our hands but in the hands of the kind of forces we invoke into our lives. So the force field we create within a ritual is something coming from the spirit, not something coming from us. We are only instruments in this interaction between dimensions, between realms.

Using The Book of Electrum, you will be able to determine your temple-of-birth within The Temple of the Feathered Serpent. Having done so, you will have taken your first step upon the Lightning Path and will have begun the journey of discovering for yourself, what the hidden promise of the Mayan Sacred Calendar has in store for you. Only you can take the next step. Only YOU can re-member yourself.